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Migrate from Google Photos

It's possible to seamlessly migrate your photos from Google Photos to PhotoPrism.

In order to get your original resolution images and all associated metadata (such as geolocation information), we have to use Google Takeout.

Transfer Files

  1. Go to
  2. Click Deselect all then check only Google Photos.
  3. Trigger the export of your Google Photos Data.
  4. Depending on the number of photos, it can take a few days for your data to be exported
  5. Download your data and extract all archives into to your originals directory
    • the folder should include the photos themselves, alongside json files for each of the photos
  6. Start indexing


Google Takeout exports the following:

Data Type Description Format
Photos Unedited and edited photos contained in each album. Original format/PNG/JPG/WEBP
Videos Videos contained in each album. Original format/MP4
Album metadata Data associated with each album, such as title or description. JSON
Photo metadata Data associated with each photo or video, such as creation time or comments. JSON

The format exported from Google Photos depends on the quality chosen when uploaded to Google Photos; 'High' or 'Original'.

Metadata is read by PhotoPrism from the exported JSON files for each photo. The following fields are saved:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Number of Views
  • Geolocation Info (lat/long)
  • Date/Time Taken
  • Date/Time Created
  • Date/Time Updated

Transfer Albums

Google Photos albums won't be automatically imported yet as we're trying to find a way to deal with auto-generated albums users may not want to import.

The community has created a bash script to import albums from a Google Takeout. For more information and support, see the project page on Github: