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Creating Backups

A full backup of your PhotoPrism instance includes:

  1. All content from your originals folder
  2. An index database SQL dump

The best way to create an index backup is to run this command in a terminal:

photoprism backup -i [filename]

Or the following for docker-compose:

docker compose exec -T photoprism photoprism backup -i - > photoprism-db.sql

As seen above, you can use - as filename to write the backup to stdout. This is done to ensure the backup resides outside of the container environment.

If you leave the filename empty, the backup will be written to the default backup folder configured via PHOTOPRISM_BACKUP_PATH.

If you want, you can also export your cache and thumbnails, but it can also be re-generated after restore. It will save you from re-generating thumbnails from scratch however.

Helpful information can be found on GitHub as well.

Restore from Backup

Follow this guide to restore PhotoPrism from backups.

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