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Syncing with Mobile Devices

To sync photos and videos on your phone with PhotoPrism, you can use any app that supports WebDAV.

You can disable WebDAV in the advanced settings. Since it requires write permissions and authentication, the built-in WebDAV server is automatically disabled when running in read-only or public mode.


We recommend PhotoSync which is available for Android and iOS.

Set PhotoPrism or WebDAV as Target

  1. Open PhotoSync and click
  2. Click Configure
  3. Select PhotoPrism as target

    Screenshot Screenshot

  4. Enter your settings

    Server: Your server url, e.g. "".

    Port: Your port. If you are using HTTPS the port is 443.

    Login: Your username, e.g. "admin".

    Password: Your admin password.

    Directory: /import/ or /originals/ depending on your preferred ingestion method.

    Use SSL: Should be enabled.

    PikaPods users can find more information here.


  5. Click Done

  6. You may adapt transfer details to match your preferences

    Screenshot Screenshot

Set Up Automatic Sync

  1. Open PhotoSync and click
  2. Click Autotransfer


  3. Click Add new trigger and choose one or more trigger


  4. Choose PhotoPrism as target

  5. Click Done


Because PhotoSync uses WebDAV to send files, PhotoPrism automatically starts importing/indexing when it receives new files.

Other Apps

As long as you run PhotoPrism on a device with Windows file sharing (on Linux, for example, via Samba), you can use this free open-source Android app:

SMBSync2 - Github | SMBSync2 - Google Play