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Color Profiles

Standard RGB

sRGB is the default color space used when generating thumbnails. PhotoPrism and web browsers assume this color space for all pictures that do not have an embedded ICC color profile.

ICC Profiles

An ICC color profile for wide-gamut displays can optionally be embedded in image and video files. For color profiles other than sRGB and Display P3, the thumbnails must be generated with libvips by setting the PHOTOPRISM_THUMB_LIBRARY config option to vips or auto so that the ICC profiles are preserved:

Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_THUMB_LIBRARY --thumb-library auto image processing LIBRARY to be used for generating thumbnails (auto, imaging, vips)
PHOTOPRISM_THUMB_COLOR --thumb-color auto standard color PROFILE for thumbnails (auto, preserve, srgb, none)

Image colors may otherwise not be displayed correctly, which is particularly noticeable with ProPhoto RGB and Adobe RGB, as these cover a wide range of colors:

ICC Profiles

Color Detection

Color detection is performed while indexing using a 3x3 thumbnail that covers the top, bottom, and center of an image e.g.

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