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If you are unable to configure your instance using environment variables or command flags, for example because it was installed through an app store, you can alternatively set config values using an options.yml file in the config folder.

A custom config path can be specified with the variable PHOTOPRISM_CONFIG_PATH or the flag --config-path. If you use a third-party integration or package, you should find the exact location in the corresponding documentation. By default, it is a subdirectory of the storage folder.

To display all global config flags and variables, you can run photoprism --help in a terminal. The corresponding names to use in the options.yml and defaults.yml files are listed below, grouped by purpose.

Note that all changes require a restart to take effect, and that config values changed in the Advanced Settings UI will also be stored in the options.yml file. We therefore recommend that you edit the file only while PhotoPrism is not running.

When editing YAML files, it is important that related values start at the same indentation level and that spaces are used, since tabs are not allowed. You can use any text editor for this.


Since you only need to specify the values you want to change, an options.yml file doesn't have to contain all possible options and could look like this, for example:

Debug: true
ReadOnly: false
JpegQuality: 83
SiteCaption: PhotoPrism
SiteUrl: ""


Name Type CLI Flag
AuthMode string --auth-mode
Public bool --public
AdminUser string --admin-user
AdminPassword string --admin-password
SessionMaxAge int64 --session-maxage
SessionTimeout int64 --session-timeout


Name Type CLI Flag
LogLevel string --log-level
Prod bool --prod
Debug bool --debug
Trace bool --trace


Name Type CLI Flag
ConfigPath string --config-path
OriginalsPath string --originals-path
OriginalsLimit int --originals-limit
ResolutionLimit int --resolution-limit
StoragePath string --storage-path
SidecarPath string --sidecar-path
UsersPath string --users-path
BackupPath string --backup-path
CachePath string --cache-path
ImportPath string --import-path
ImportDest string --import-dest
AssetsPath string --assets-path
TempPath string --temp-path

Index Workers

Name Type CLI Flag
Workers int --workers
WakeupInterval time.Duration --wakeup-interval
AutoIndex int --auto-index
AutoImport int --auto-import

Feature Flags

Name Type CLI Flag
ReadOnly bool --read-only
Experimental bool --experimental
DisableWebDAV bool --disable-webdav
DisableBackups bool --disable-backups
DisableSettings bool --disable-settings
DisablePlaces bool --disable-places
DisableTensorFlow bool --disable-tensorflow
DisableFaces bool --disable-faces
DisableClassification bool --disable-classification
DisableFFmpeg bool --disable-ffmpeg
DisableExifTool bool --disable-exiftool
DisableHeifConvert bool --disable-heifconvert
DisableDarktable bool --disable-darktable
DisableRawtherapee bool --disable-rawtherapee
DisableSips bool --disable-sips
DisableRaw bool --disable-raw
RawPresets bool --raw-presets
ExifBruteForce bool --exif-bruteforce
DetectNSFW bool --detect-nsfw
UploadNSFW bool --upload-nsfw


Name Type CLI Flag
DefaultTheme string --default-theme
DefaultLocale string --default-locale
AppIcon string --app-icon
AppName string --app-name
AppMode string --app-mode
LegalInfo string --legal-info
LegalUrl string --legal-url
WallpaperUri string --wallpaper-uri

Site Information

Name Type CLI Flag
CdnUrl string --cdn-url
SiteUrl string --site-url
SiteAuthor string --site-author
SiteTitle string --site-title
SiteCaption string --site-caption
SiteDescription string --site-description
SitePreview string --site-preview

Web Server

Name Type CLI Flag
TrustedProxies []string --trusted-proxy
ProxyProtoHeaders []string --proxy-proto-header
ProxyProtoHttps []string --proxy-proto-https
HttpMode string --http-mode
HttpCompression string --http-compression
HttpHost string --http-host
HttpPort int --http-port
DisableTLS bool --disable-tls
TLSEmail string --tls-email
TLSCert string --tls-cert
TLSKey string --tls-key

Database Connection

Name Type CLI Flag
DatabaseDriver string --database-driver
DatabaseDsn string --database-dsn
DatabaseName string --database-name
DatabaseServer string --database-server
DatabaseUser string --database-user
DatabasePassword string --database-password
DatabaseConns int --database-conns
DatabaseConnsIdle int --database-conns-idle

File Converters

Name Type CLI Flag
DarktableBin string --darktable-bin
DarktableCachePath string --darktable-cache-path
DarktableConfigPath string --darktable-config-path
DarktableBlacklist string --darktable-blacklist
RawtherapeeBin string --rawtherapee-bin
RawtherapeeBlacklist string --rawtherapee-blacklist
SipsBin string --sips-bin
SipsBlacklist string --sips-blacklist
HeifConvertBin string --heifconvert-bin
FFmpegBin string --ffmpeg-bin
FFmpegEncoder string --ffmpeg-encoder
FFmpegBitrate int --ffmpeg-bitrate
ExifToolBin string --exiftool-bin

Security Tokens

Name Type CLI Flag
DownloadToken string --download-token
PreviewToken string --preview-token

Image Quality

Name Type CLI Flag
ThumbColor string --thumb-color
ThumbFilter string --thumb-filter
ThumbSize int --thumb-size
ThumbSizeUncached int --thumb-size-uncached
ThumbUncached bool --thumb-uncached
JpegQuality string --jpeg-quality
JpegSize int --jpeg-size

Daemon Mode

If you start the server as a daemon in the background, you can additionally specify a filename for the log and the process ID:

Name Type CLI Flag
PIDFilename string --pid-filename
LogFilename string --log-filename
DetachServer bool --detach-server

Some options, such as those for hardware transcoding, are only available to sponsors due to the time required for testing, maintenance, and providing support.