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General Settings

In the General settings tab, you can configure basic user interface settings as well as the maps in Places:

User Interface

You can change the theme and language of the User interface.

To make PhotoPrism suit your individual needs, the following sections and functionalities can be en- or disabled. Disabled sections do not appear in the main navigation.


When disabled, uploading files via upload is not possible. This might be useful when you grant others access to your PhotoPrism but do not want them to upload photos.


When disabled, no files can be downloaded using the PhotoPrism UI. Please note that it may still be possible to download files using the integrated browser functionalities.


When disabled, album sharing and upload to remote services like ownCloud is not possible.


When disabled, the people section is hidden. To disable face detection while indexing, you may set PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_FACES and/or PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_TENSORFLOW to "true" in your config.

Hide Private

Excludes content marked as private from search results, shared albums, labels and places.


When disabled, there is no Archive. Photos that have been archived beforehand will appear again in search results.


When disabled, it is not possible to edit photo details.


When disabled, permanent deletion of files from the archive is not possible.


When disabled, there is no Originals section.


When disabled, there is no Moments section.


When disabled, there is no Labels section and you cannot add or edit labels.


When disabled, there is no Library section.


When disabled, there is no possibility to import photos. You need to use index instead to add new photos.


When disabled, server logs are not shown.


When disabled, there is no Places section.


At the bottom of the General settings tab, you may choose your preferred map style and animation length for Places. PhotoPrism includes four high-resolution world maps to see where you've been, and for rediscovering long-forgotten shots.

To enhance your photos with location data such as state, city and category, we've also launched our own geo-information service based on OpenStreetMap. A future release will additionally provide public events' data, so that albums of popular music festivals, or sports gatherings, can be created automatically.


Note that your choice will not affect ZIP archives when you download complete albums. However, we may add settings for this in a future release.


Only the files in the originals folder will be downloaded, but not any files that were automatically created in the sidecar folder. This is the recommended default.


Download RAW image files.


Download sidecar files as used for XMP metadata. This is generally not recommended except for some professional workflows.