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Default values, including the config path to use, may optionally be specified in a defaults.yml file located in /etc/photoprism. Write permissions are not required, since all changes will be stored in the options.yml file.

With the variable PHOTOPRISM_DEFAULTS_YAML or the flag --defaults-yaml, you can also specify a custom defaults file to be loaded when PhotoPrism starts. overriding Defaults


When editing YAML files, it is important that related values start at the same indentation level and that spaces are used, since tabs are not allowed. You can use any text editor for this.


Since you only need to specify the values for which you want to set a default, a defaults.yml file does not need to contain all possible options and could look like this, for example:

Debug: false
ReadOnly: true
JpegQuality: 85

Overriding Defaults

The default values can be overridden by values in an options.yml file, command flags, and environment variables. As with all global config options, changes require a restart to take effect.

Config Options

↪ see options.yml