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Global config defaults, including the config and storage paths to be used, can be defined with a defaults.yml file in the /etc/photoprism directory (requires root privileges). It is possible to use the environment variable PHOTOPRISM_DEFAULTS_YAML or the command flag --defaults-yaml to load the defaults from another file instead.

Keep in mind that any changes to the config options, either through the UI, config files, or by setting environment variables, always require a restart to take effect.

A defaults.yml file affects all users and should only contain options for which you want to set a global default.

File Format

You can use any text editor to create or modify YAML config files. When specifying values, make sure that their data type matches the documentation, e.g. bool values must be either true or false (without quotes, unlike in docker-compose.yml files) and int values must be whole numbers, as shown in this example:

ConfigPath: "~/.config/photoprism"
StoragePath: "~/.photoprism"
OriginalsPath: "~/Pictures"
ImportPath: "/media"
AdminUser: "admin"
AdminPassword: "insecure"
AuthMode: "password"
DatabaseDriver: "sqlite"
HttpHost: ""
HttpPort: 2342
HttpCompression: "gzip"
DisableTLS: false
DefaultTLS: true
Experimental: false
DisableWebDAV: false
DisableSettings: false
DisableTensorFlow: false
DisableFaces: false
DisableClassification: false
DisableVectors: false
DisableRaw: false
RawPresets: false
JpegQuality: 85
DetectNSFW: false
UploadNSFW: true

To avoid ambiguity, it is recommended to enclose text strings in " (double quotes), especially if they contain spaces, a colon, or other special characters.

File and directory paths may be specified using ~ as a placeholder for the home directory of the current user, e.g. ~/Pictures. Relative paths can also be specified via ./pathname. If no explicit originals, import and/or assets path has been configured, a list of default directory paths will be searched and the first existing directory will be used for the respective path.

Supported Options

↪ see options.yml

Overriding Defaults

Defaults can be overridden by values in an options.yml file as well as by command flags and environment variables.

To override values with an options.yml file, you can specify its path (without the file name) by adding the ConfigPath option to your defaults.yml. Alternatively, you can use the command flag --config-path or the environment variable PHOTOPRISM_CONFIG_PATH. By default, it is located in the config subdirectory of the storage path.

The values in an options.yml file are not global by default and can be used to customize individual instances. In both files you can set any of the supported options.