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Sync files with other Apps

In settings you can connect your PhotoPrism instance to other services with WebDAV support, such as other PhotoPrism instances, Nextcloud or ownCloud.

Automatically Upload/Download Files to/from another App

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Open Services tab
  3. Click into the sync cell of your service Screenshot
  4. Enable synchronization in the upper right corner
  5. Choose a folder from your service
  6. Choose a sync interval
  7. Select the options that are suitable for you and click Save


Remote Sync Options

  • Download remote files will download all files from the selected folder of the other service that do not yet exist in PhotoPrism
  • Upload local files will upload all files (including private or archived ones) from PhotoPrism to your service that do not yet exist there
  • Preserve filenames will keep filenames without renaming them
  • Sync raw and video files will upload/download raw and video files alongside with JPEGS