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Every Contribution Makes a Difference

We welcome contributions of any kind, including blog posts, tutorials, testing, writing documentation, and pull requests.

Our Milestones

Upcoming Features and Improvements

The public roadmap shows what tasks are in progress, what needs testing, and which features are going to be implemented next.

You are welcome to submit specific feature requests if you have verified that no similar idea or todo already exists. Give ideas you like a thumbs-up 👍 , so that we know what is most popular.

Our vision is to provide the most user- and privacy-friendly solution to keep your pictures organized and accessible.

Join the Community

Follow us on Twitter and join the Community Chat to get regular updates, connect with other contributors, and discuss your ideas. Our Code of Conduct explains the "dos and don’ts."

An important part of our journey is to explore new ways in product development and build better software through consistent use of community feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts with us at any time.

Creating Bug Reports

Before reporting a bug, please use our Troubleshooting Checklists to determine the cause of your problem. If you have a general question, need help, or an issue has not been clearly identified:

When reporting a problem, always include the software versions you are using and other information about your environment such as browser, browser plugins, operating system, storage type, memory size, and processor.

We kindly ask you not to report bugs via GitHub Issues unless you are certain to have found a new issue that must be fixed directly in the app. Contact us or a community member if you need help, it could be a local configuration problem, or a misunderstanding in how the software works.

Submitting Pull Requests

Our step-by-step guide explains how to submit pull requests. Issues labeled help wanted / easy can be good (first) contributions.

Simple, elegant solutions are more effective, but they are harder to find than complex ones, and they require more time, which we too often believe to be unaffordable. — Niklaus Wirth, Feb 1985