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User Guide

Step-by-step installation instructions for our self-hosted community edition can be found in Getting Started. All you need is a Web browser and Docker to run the server. It is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. PhotoPrism also runs on DigitalOcean, Raspberry Pi, FreeBSD, and many NAS devices.

Progressive Web App

When setup is complete, you can start indexing your pictures. Be patient, this may take a while depending on your server hardware and how many files you have.

Your photos and videos will successively become visible in search results and other parts of the user interface. The counts in the navigation are constantly updated, so you can follow the progress.

In case some of your pictures are still missing after indexing has been completed, they might be in Review due to low quality or incomplete metadata. You can turn this and other features off in Settings, depending on your specific use case.

Getting Support

Before submitting a support request, please use our Troubleshooting Checklists to determine the cause of your problem. If this doesn't help, or you have other questions:

In addition, sponsors receive direct technical support via email.

We'll do our best to answer all your questions. In return, we ask you to back us on Patreon or GitHub Sponsors. Think of "free software" as in "free speech," not as in "free beer". Thank you! 💜

We kindly ask you not to report bugs via GitHub Issues unless you are certain to have found a new issue that must be fixed directly in the app. Contact us or a community member if you need help, it could be a local configuration problem, or a misunderstanding in how the software works.