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As PhotoPrism is a complete photo management solution, it is not only possible to index existing images, but also to add / upload new files to a photo collection or delete existing photos to save storage.

There has been a debate on whether PhotoPrism should be responsible for file naming, see Support Photos In Place on Hard Drive #41. As soon as you want the software to create new files or merge photo libraries from different devices, there is no other way. Therefore we're going to implement a read-only mode for those who want to use it as a gallery with reduced functionality, see Read-only mode #56.

Post Processing / Keyboard Shortcuts

After importing new images, it would be amazing to be able to quickly sort / review them. This way the library stays clean and well organized, even without applying filters to hide bad shots. Apparently this is common among users of Adobe Bridge, a tool used by many professionals. They go through complete asset collections and sort photos using keyboard shortcuts, where keys toggle pre-defined tags or flags like "favorite".


Idea: We can use Webassembly for performance enhancements / faster upload.