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Maps & Places

PhotoPrism includes four high-resolution world maps to see where you've been, and for rediscovering long-forgotten shots.

To enhance your photos with location data such as state, city and category, we've also launched our own geo-information service based on OpenStreetMap. A future release will additionally provide public events' data, so that albums of popular music festivals, or sports gatherings, can be created automatically.

We are happy to assist other OSS projects that don't have the time or expertise to run their own infrastructure.

Example Request

  "name":"Pink Beach",
  "place": {
    "label":"Chrisoskalitissa, Crete, Greece",
  "licence":"Data © OpenStreetMap contributors"


Reverse geocoding requests won't be logged. Location data is cached though so that it can be used to serve subsequent requests. Because of HTTPS, your internet provider can't see the exact request - only the fact that you exchanged data with our backend.

Our API approximates coordinates, encodes them with S2, and doesn't care about street or house number:

Event Discovery

Open Source Libraries


At the moment, we use the reverse lookup API of OpenStreetMap as well as the their tiles for our Leaflet-based Places page.

Code: internal/maps/osm/location.go

Commercial Maps