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Reverse Geocoding

If enabled, reverse geocoding enriches photo and video metadata with details such as country, state, city, and category.

Privacy Policy

As explained in detail in our Privacy Policy, reverse geocoding depends on retrieving the necessary information from a backend that we provide for this purpose.

The costs are currently fully covered by us for all users, including non-sponsors, and we ensure a very high level of privacy and confidentiality:

  • API requests are not logged permanently.
  • Our API approximates the coordinates and encodes them with a fuzzy S2 cell ID that does not include the house number or any other data identifying a specific residential address, except possibly in very sparsely populated areas of the world. Even then, we cannot trace the request back to a person, picture or point in time.
  • We may store your server's IP address and other HTTP request headers for a limited time to perform authorization checks, prevent abuse, and implement rate limits. Since the traffic is encrypted, no one intercepting the server-to-server communication can see the exact request and response; only the fact that you exchanged data with our backend.

Other open source applications sometimes use the free developer APIs operated by In this case, their usage and privacy policies apply, which means that your request data is stored and used to create publicly available reports. This is different from our approach, which focuses on our users' privacy and user experience.

Example Request


  "id": "s2:149ce78563",
  "name": "Elafonisi Kite Club",
  "street": "Κεφαλή",
  "postcode": "",
  "category": "nature",
  "timezone": "Europe/Athens",
  "lat": 35.269638,
  "lng": 23.536951,
  "place": {
    "id": "gr:GCd9oey68OFr",
    "label": "Χρυσοσκαλίτισσα, Greece",
    "district": "",
    "city": "Χρυσοσκαλίτισσα",
    "state": "Αποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση Κρήτης",
    "country": "gr",
    "keywords": "χρυσοσκαλίτσα"
  "events": [],
  "licence": "Data © PhotoPrism"

Location Data

See: internal/maps/location.go

World Maps

PhotoPrism also includes four high-resolution world maps that allow you to browse photos by location, see Web User Interface > Interactice Maps. Visit to try them on our demo.

Event Discovery


Commercial Services