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Contributing Translations with Weblate

We operate so that you can easily add and update user interface translations without having any development skills.

You can either sign in with your GitHub account or create a new account with an email account you have access to:

  • Provide an alternate address if you want your personal email to remain private as it may appear as authorship in commits, translation files, and pull requests.
  • You are also not required to provide your full name if you do not wish to do so.
  • Let us know privately that you have registered so that we can grant you permissions if needed.

When you sign up, you will be asked to accept our Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Visit to learn more.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click Register and create an account



  1. Sign in
  2. Select the language you want translate to

Screenshot 3. Open your Dashboard and click Backend (or access to the Backend by clicking here)

Screenshot 4. Click on View contributor agreement

Screenshot 5. Accept the contributor agreement and click Submit

Screenshot 6. Go back to your Dashboard and repeat steps 3-5 for the Frontend-Component

Your Dashboard shows you how many strings have no translation yet.


  1. Click on the count
  2. Enter the translation and click Save and continue

Screenshot 3. Repeat until all strings are translated

Your translations will be reviewed and included in one of the next releases.

If translations are missing, we pre-translate messages using services such as DeepL and Google Translate. This can lead to grammatical errors and misunderstandings. Native speakers should check existing translations and improve them if necessary.

If you are a native speaker and would like to support us by reviewing existing translations, please contact us at so that we can grant you the rights to review.

  1. From your Dashboard open one of the components by clicking on the language

Screenshot 2. Click on Strings waiting for review

Screenshot 3. Review the translation - edit the string if needed. Then select Approved and click Save and continue

Screenshot 4. Repeat until all strings are reviewed

Please contact us at and we will set up a new language for you to translate!