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Folder Overview

This page gives you an overview about the directories used by PhotoPrism.


This path can be configured by PHOTOPRISM_ORIGINALS_PATH. The originals directory contains your photo library. PhotoPrism will never move or rename files in this folder. It may add files from uploads or imports, unless read-only mode is enabled.


This path can be configured by PHOTOPRISM_IMPORT_PATH. If you decide to use our import functionality, you add your photos to the import directory, so that they can be imported into originals.


The storage path can be configured using PHOTOPRISM_STORAGE_PATH.

In case cache, sidecar and config path are not defined separately, those are located in the storage directory. In addition the storage directory contains album backups in /albums as well as database files.

You storage path must NOT be located in your originals path. Otherwise your thumbnails will be indexed as well!


The cache directory contains json and thumbnails directories. The path can be set using PHOTOPRISM_CACHE_PATH.


PhotoPrism creates JSON files containing a file's metadata, read by ExifTool, in this directory. You can prevent PhotoPrism from creating those JSON files by disabling ExifTool in Settings.


PhotoPrism creates thumbnails in different sizes for each photo. Those are stored in the thumbnails directory. More information on thumbnails can be found here.


In the sidecar directory PhotoPrism stores YAML backup files for each photo as well as JPEG's it converted e.g. from RAWs. Both backup and converting functionalities can be disabled in Settings. The sidecar path can be configured using PHOTOPRISM_SIDECAR_PATH.


In the config path, setting files might be stored. It can be set with PHOTOPRISM_CONFIG_PATH.


Database backup files are stored in the backup directory. It can be configured using PHOTOPRISM_BACKUP_PATH.


In the temp directory, uploads and downloads are temporarily stored. You can configure the path using PHOTOPRISM_TEMP_PATH.


The asset path is used to store static resources like models and templates. It can be set using PHOTOPRISM_ASSETS_PATH.