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Importing Files to Originals

Most users with an existing library will want to index their originals directly without using the optional import feature, leaving the file and folder names unchanged. Importing first copies or moves from their source directory to the originals folder, which is optional.

  1. Add files to the import folder if not done already

  2. Go to Library using the main navigation, and open the Import tab

  3. Select a sub-folder or keep the default to import all files

  4. Select Move Files if you want imported files to be removed from the import folder

  5. Click on Import


You may use WebDAV for adding files to the import folder. This is especially helpful if PhotoPrism is running on a remote server.

Importing is not possible in read-only mode as it requires write permissions for the originals folder.

When should "Move Files" be selected?

If selected, files that have been moved to the originals folder, or that already exist, will automatically be deleted from the import folder. This will save storage if you don't want to keep them as backup, or for any other reason.

Automatic Import

The Importer is triggered automatically 15 Minutes after the import folder has been edited via WebDAV. 15 Minutes is the default value, it can be changed using the respective config option.

Can I use PhotoPrism to sort files into a configurable folder structure?

You have complete freedom in how you organize your originals. If you don't like the unique names and folders used by the import function, you can resort to external batch renaming tools, for example:

Configurable import folders may be available in a later version. This is because - depending on the specific pattern - appropriate conflict resolution is required and the patterns must be well understood and validated to avoid typos or other misconfigurations that lead to undesired results for which we do not want to be responsible.