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In all sections you can use the search bar to find certain photos, videos, albums or labels.

You can search for all kind of things:

  • People on the photo
  • Objects that are displayed on the photo
  • The main color of the photo
  • The filename or foldername of a photo
  • Location where the photo has been taken
  • ...

Just try it!


Search Filter

Additionally to the search you can set the following filters using the filter bar:

  • Country, Year, Order, Camera, Lens, Color, Category

In case you set multiple filters only photos, that fulfill all filter criteria, are shown in the search result.


You can use filters in the search bar like this:

label:cat color:green type:live

You find the full list of filters below.


To combine different filters use a space as separator:

mono:true review:false

The search result shows photos that are monochrome and not in review.

Additionally some filters can be used with &:



keywords:"buffalo & water"

This query will show all photos that have the keywords water and buffalo.

& is supported by the following filters:

  • albums, keywords, subject/person, subjects/people.

The label filter does not support &. You can use the keywords filter instead, as all labels are keywords as well.

An OR search is possible using |:


This will show all photos that have either the label cat or dog.

The following filters work with |:

  • albums, color, country, day, month, year, keywords, label, path, state, subject/person, subjects/people, title, type, name, filename, original, hash


The * character will act as a wildcard:


This will show all photos which name start with IMG_23.


This will show all photos which name contain _23, like IMG_2356.MOV , 2021_02_23.jpg, etc.

Wildcards can be combined with & or |: filename:"*IMG123*|*_22F6FC19.jpg"

Search Filter Overview

PhotoPrism allows you to use multiple filters in its search.

Filter Examples Notes
after 2015-06-30
albums "Holiday 2020" Album Name
archived yes, no
before 2016-12-22
chroma 5
color purple, magenta, pink, red, orange, gold, yellow, lime, green, teal, cyan, blue, brown, white, grey, black
country de
day 23
dist 5 Distance to coordinates (radius in kilometre). Only applicable in combination with the lat/lng filters.
month 5
year 2012
error yes, no
faces yes, no, 1, 3 1 means minimum 1 face
favorite yes, no
filename 2021/07/12345.jpg
fmax 4.5
fmin 1.8
folder "2020/Holiday", "2020/*"
geo yes, no
hidden yes, no
keywords love
label cat
lat 38.300457 Latitude
lng 8.931358 Longitude
mono yes, no Monochrome images
name "IMG_9831-112*", "IMG_9831-112"
original "IMG_9831-112*", "IMG_9831-112" Only applicable when file have been imported
panorama yes, no
path "2020/Holiday"
photo yes, no
portrait yes, no
primary yes, no
private yes, no
quality 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
review yes, no
scan yes, no
stack yes, no
state "Baden-Württemberg", "Baden*"
subject/person "Jane Doe" Subject Name → only exact matches are found
subjects/people "Jane Doe" Subject Name
title "Holiday*", "Holiday / 2012"
type image, video, raw, live
uid pqbcf5j446s0futy
unsorted yes, no
video yes, no