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PhotoPrism aims to extract as much metadata from your original files as possible.

This is an ongoing task. If you are using certain standard exif or xmp fields that are not supported yet, feel free to open an issue or pull request.

Supported Exiftool & XMP Tags

PhotoPrism uses exiftool to extract metadata from different file formats like EXIF, XMP, IPTC and more.

We additionally parse XMP.

This table gives an overview what tags from exiftool or XMP are mapped to which fields in PhotoPrism.

If you update one of those tags using another tool such as Exiftool or Digikam, PhotoPrism will read the changes during the next indexing. Provided the files modifyDate has been updated.

In case a field is populated with data from xmp, the data from xmp is the single source for this field. Meaning e.g keywords from xmp overwrite other keywords coming from PhotoPrism such as colors or keywords derived from folder names.

PhotoPrism Type Exiftool Adobe XMP DCMI
Aperture decimal ApertureValue, Aperture
FNumber decimal FNumber
FPS decimal VideoFrameRate, VideoAvgFrameRate
Duration duration Duration, MediaDuration, TrackDuration
Flash flag FlashFired
Keywords list Keywords
Altitude number GlobalAltitude, GPSAltitude
FocalLength number FocalLength
Frames number FrameCount
Height number PixelYDimension, ImageHeight, ImageLength, ExifImageHeight, SourceImageHeight
ImageType number HDRImageType
Iso number ISO
Rotation number Rotation
Width number PixelXDimension, ImageWidth, ExifImageWidth, SourceImageWidth
Artist text Artist, Creator, OwnerName, Owner Creator
CameraMake text CameraMake, Make Make
CameraModel text CameraModel, Model Model
CameraOwner text OwnerName
CameraSerial text SerialNumber
Codec text CompressorID, FileType
ColorProfile text ICCProfileName, ProfileDescription
Copyright text Rights, Copyright, WebStatement Rights, Rights.Alt
Description text Description Description, Description.Alt
DocumentID text BurstUUID, MediaGroupUUID, ImageUniqueID, OriginalDocumentID, DocumentID
Exposure text ExposureTime, ShutterSpeedValue, ShutterSpeed, TargetExposureTime
FileName text FileName
GPSLatitude text GPSLatitude
GPSLongitude text GPSLongitude
GPSPosition text GPSPosition
InstanceID text InstanceID, DocumentID
LensMake text LensMake
LensModel text Lens, LensModel LensModel
License text UsageTerms, License
Notes text Comment
Projection text ProjectionType
Software text Software, HistorySoftwareAgent, ProcessingSoftware
Subject text Subject, PersonInImage, ObjectName, HierarchicalSubject, CatalogSets Subject
Title text Title dc:title title, title.Alt
TakenAt timestamp DateTimeOriginal, CreationDate, CreateDate, MediaCreateDate, ContentCreateDate, DateTimeDigitized, DateTime, SubSecDateTimeOriginal, SubSecCreateDate DateCreated
TakenAtLocal timestamp DateTimeOriginal, CreationDate, CreateDate, MediaCreateDate, ContentCreateDate, DateTimeDigitized, DateTime, SubSecDateTimeOriginal, SubSecCreateDate
TakenGps timestamp GPSDateTime, GPSDateStamp

Migrate from other Tools

PhotoPrism also reads metadata from Google Photo's json files or Apple's xmp files.


In addition to reading metadata from your original and sidecar files, PhotoPrism enriches the metadata of your photos with additional information:

  • dates or keywords from folder or filenames
  • keywords derived from image classification, color detection and facial recognition
  • GPS information from location estimates
  • keywords derived from location details


PhotoPrism does not yet write back changes to EXIF or XMP (see discussion).

We want you to have access to your metadata independent from PhotoPrism or its database, that's why we create human-readable YAML files with metadata you add to your files using PhotoPrism.