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PhotoPrism aims to extract as much metadata from your original files as possible.

This is an ongoing task. If you are using certain standard exif or xmp fields that are not supported yet, feel free to open an issue or pull request.

PhotoPrism does not yet write back changes to EXIF or XMP (see discussion).

We want you to have access to your metadata independent from PhotoPrism or its database, that's why we create human-readable YAML backups with metadata you add to your files using PhotoPrism.

Supported Metadata Tags

PhotoPrism uses exiftool to extract metadata from different file formats like EXIF, XMP, IPTC and more. We additionally parse XMP.

This table gives an overview what tags from exiftool or XMP are mapped to which fields in PhotoPrism.

In case a field is populated with data from xmp, the data from xmp is the single source for this field. Meaning e.g keywords from xmp overwrite other keywords coming from PhotoPrism such as colors or keywords derived from folder names.

PhotoPrism Exiftool Tag XMP Tag
Altitude GlobalAltitude
Aperture ApertureValue
Artist Artist / OwnerName / Creator RDF.Description.Creator.Seq.Li
CameraMake Make / CameraMake RDF.Description.Make
CameraModel Model / CameraModel RDF.Description.Model
CameraOwner CameraOwnerName / OwnerName
CameraSerial BodySerialNumber / SerialNumber
Codec CompressorID / Compression / FileType
Copyright Copyright / Rights RDF.Description.Rights.Alt.Li.Text
Description ImageDescription / Description RDF.Description.Description.Alt.Li.Text / RDF.Description.Description.Text
DocumentID ImageUniqueID / OriginalDocumentID / DocumentID
Duration duration / MediaDuration / TrackDuration
Exposure ExposureTime
Flash Flash
FNumber FNumber
FocalLength FocalLengthIn35mmFilm / FocalLength
Height PixelYDimension / ImageLength / ImageHeight / ExifImageHeight / SourceImageHeight
Iso ISOSpeedRatings / ISO
Keywords Keywords RDF.Description.Subject.Seq.Li
Latitude / Longitude GPSPosition / GPSLatitude / GPSLongitude
LensMake LensMake
LensModel LensModel / Lens RDF.Description.LensModel
Orientation Orientation
Projection ProjectionType
Rotation Rotation
Subject Subject / PersonInImage / ObjectName / HierarchicalSubject / CatalogSets
TakenAt DateTimeOriginal / DateTimeDigitized / CreateDate / DateTime / CreationDate / MediaCreateDate / ContentCreateDate / RDF.Description.DateCreated
Title RDF.Description.Title.Alt.Li.Text / RDF.Description.Title.Text
Width PixelXDimension / ImageWidth / ExifImageWidth / SourceImageWidth