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Running PhotoPrism On FreeBSD

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For FreeBSD / FreeNAS users, an unofficial PhotoPrism port is available.

The port will compile and install libtensorflow 1.15.2 and build photoprism from source on FreeBSD.

You are welcome to ask for help in our community chat. Sponsors receive direct technical support via email. Before submitting a support request, try to determine the cause of your problem.

1. Clone or download the port:

git clone

2. Build TensorFlow and PhotoPrism from source, then install:

cd photoprism-freebsd-port
make config
make && make install

When running the make config command, a CPU feature options dialog will be presented, and the default option is NONE.

3. Add entries to rc.conf:


You can add more command line parameters into photoprism_flags="" in the rc.conf

photoprism config shows all config parameters.

4. Start the service:

service photoprism start